Ms. Tayyaba Farooq Awan (MS BU, Pakistan)


Tayyaba Farooq Awan is a trained clinical psychologist, has completed MS. Clinical Psychology from Institute of Professional Psychology-Bahria University. From past 5 years she’s practicing in the field of professional psychology, student counseling and teaching, has completed over 500 supervised therapeutic or counseling sessions along with various psychological assessment batteries in her clinical practice. She has worked in multidisciplinary projects with research interests in the areas of Emotional Intelligence, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), with a focus on the cognitive and emotional aspects of human minds. Her work is centered around exploring how eastern people experience mental health conditions, interventions and therapies, and how their perspectives can be used alongside psychological theory to develop and evaluate helpful interventions. She has been involved in numerous collaborations with non-profit organizations and underprivileged academies as freelance motivational and soft skills trainer. She is passionate about her field and believe strongly in reducing the stigma against mental health in Pakistan. “No one has fallen too far” is her motto. “Miracles Happen” is her mission. Her passion has lead her to encourage others, develop vision, and promote possibility.

MS Clinical Psychology Institute of Professional Psychology-Bahria University 2018
  1. Emotional Intelligence
  2. Subjective Well-being
  3. Cognitive and Emotional aspects of young minds
  1. Social Psychology
  2. Clinical Psychology
  3. Positive Psychology

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