1. Completion of 12 or 14 years of education shall be required for admission in undergraduate programs.
  2. The admission shall be awarded on merit based on
    • Admission Test
    • Earlier Academic Standing
    • Interview
  3. Residency requirement for the award of an undergraduate degree shall be minimum 4 years and maximum 7 years.
  4. A student shall be awarded a degree on:
    • Completion of academic program as prescribed by the department.
    • Completion of internship (6-8 weeks), if required by the department and.
    • Attaining a minimum CGPA of 2.0 on the scale of 4.0.
  5. Normal load of an undergraduate student is 15-18 SCH. A student must register for normal load in order to be considered for scholarship.
  6. Maximum academic load, in a Spring or in a Fall semester, shall be 06 courses and in Summer Semester it shall be 02 courses.
  7. The semester load for an individual student shall be determined by the department on the basis of his / her GPA which for the time being is as under:
  8. GPA Courses
    >= 2.50 06
    2.00 to 2.49 05
    1.50 to 1.99 04
    < 1.5 03
  9. A fulltime student is required to register for a minimum 15 credit hours per semester.
  10. A student not registering for a minimum semester load shall not be treated as a fulltime student.
  11. Final year project can be registered by a student after the completion of minimum course work prescribed by the department.
  12. Final year project must be completed in two semesters and it cannot be registered as 6 SCH in a single semester.
  13. Final year project is usually carried out in a group of 2-4 dependent upon project length and complexity.
  14. Part-I or Part-II of final a year project shall be graded independently in a semester in which it was registered.
  15. Final year project shall be graded based on:
    1. Supervisor’s Semester assessment
    2. Project oral presentation(s)
    3. Project report
    4. Project Demonstration
  16. Final year project cannot be registered in a Summer Session.
  17. Final year project shall be graded by a committee constituted by the concerned department and grade shall be awarded on the submission of project report.
  18. A final year project report shall be written in student’s own language, F-Grade may be awarded for a copied report.
  19. It is recommended to register for internship and it shall be evaluated by a departmental committee with Pass or Fail grade.
  20. A student cannot register for a course while doing internship.