Welcome to Directorate of Corporate linkages – DCL. DCL was established in 2012 with a vision to be the most vibrant platform for student, alumni, academia and industry to interact, share and celebrate. The Directorate, over the years, has developed wide variety of programs, tasks and initiatives, which can be categorized into; Networking, Skills for life, Alumni Relations and Branding the university.

Through its linkages with the Chambers and Association, the Directorate has been able to hold on campus employment exposes, recruitment tests and campus hiring drives. The Directorate organizes alumni reunions, faculty development programs, academic symposiums and training programs for students. For this, we thank our entire network of partners, university administration, alumni and our volunteers for our success and support.

The Directorate has an active and productive alumni network of more than 4500 alumni, who actively involve with the university in lecturing, delivering professional talks, assisting student in getting internship and employment and most importantly, inspiring students. In short, DCL is branding the university, building the alumni and industry networks and preparing the graduating students for the professional world.

Dr. Arif Vaseer
Director Corporate Linkages


A vibrant platform for academia, alumni and corporate world to share and learn


To initiate and manage initiatives and programs to facilitate faculty, alumni and industry interactions

The Directorate of Corporate Linkages remains very active throughout the academic year as it has four pivotal tasks to which it must attend:

a) Liaison with Industry and Chambers of Commerce : Networking
This Directorate is responsible to maintain a full time liaison with the Corporate Sector, the Chambers of Commerce, and other Regulators. Such an initiative, it is hoped, would assist in retaining a link with prospective employers who might be inclined to visit the University in search of human capital. Under this endeavor MOU’s have been signed with the Chambers of Commerce and the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP), for cooperation in R&D and Research.

b) Skills for life: Employment and Self-employment Ready
The Directorate of Corporate Linkages prepares the graduates of CUST for employment in the market, or for self employment. An attempt is made to give the students a touch of the working environment through the RSVP program. Here volunteers are selected and are attached to various Directorate s of the University where they could gain some work experience. Certificates of merit are issued to those who excel. Students close to graduation are assisted with proper CV preparation before the corporate sector is invited to the campus. Proper binded books containing the CV’s of graduating students are prepared and distributed to prospective employers. Furthermore seminars and training workshops / lectures etc are also held free of cost for the benefit of students who are in their final semesters.

c) Alumni Relations : A Vital Connection for University Growth
Liaison with Alumni is another essential element of the Directorate of Corporate Linkages. The recently launched Association of CUST/MAJU Alumni (ACMA) is one such effort in this direction. ACMA social media derive has attracted a large number of Alumni and it is hoped that various posts of ACMA would be filled through elections of the Alumni. The Directorate also arranges special dinners or gives out invitations for interaction with Alumni so that contact between them and the institution remains alive.

d) Advocacy and Image Building : Branding the university
The Directorate of Corporate Linkages represents the University at Forums, Exhibitions and Conferences. Recent examples are the Employment Expos of, Jang, Dawn, News etc, where a strong presence of the institution was apparent through well placed and equipped stalls. The Directorate has developed a rapport with HRDN and HR Forum.


A vibrant forum to build academia-industry linkages. Members share their special insights, ideas and perspectives and provide guidance and direction to office of corporate linkages to foster beneficial relationships with industry

List of MOUs with Universities

Sr.No. University Name
1. The University of Lahore
2. Shanghai Jio Tang University
3. Universidade de Evora
4. Dublin City University
5. The University of Massachusetts
6. University of Science & Technology, Bannu
7. The University of Brescia
8. Graz University of Technology, Graz, Austria

List of MOUs with Companies

Sr.No. Company Name
1. Inspire Pakistan
2. NTS
3. NIC
5. PMI
6. Ideagist
8. Fauji Foundation Hospital
9. Quaid-e-Azam International Hospital
10. Muslim Aid
11. Park-Turk Researcher
12. ICT R&D Fund
14. Career Pakistan