Fee Structure

Application Processing Fee
(Non Refundable, Non Transferrable)
Rs. 1,500/-
Admission Fee
(Payable once at the time of admission – Non Refundable, Non Transferrable)
Rs. 15,000/-
Degree Programs Faculty of Business Administration & Social Science Programs: Business Administration, Finance & Economics and Psychology Faculty of Computing Programs: Computer Science and Software Engineering Faculty of Engineering Programs: Electrical Engineering and Computer Systems Engineering Faculty of Life Sciences Programs: Bioscience and Biotechnology
Bachelors Program Rs. 5,000 / Cr. Hr Rs. 5,500 / Cr. Hr
Masters Program (including BS AF – P, BBA – P, and MCS) Rs. 6,000 / Cr. Hr Rs. 6,000 / Cr. Hr
Doctoral Program Rs. 9,000 / Cr. Hr

Fee is based on enrolled Credit Hours. It is subject to revision based on general inflation.

Course fees are based on the number of credits in which you are enrolled. Majority of the courses offered at this level are 3 credit hour courses. Some students may have to take bridging courses* or deficiency courses* depending on their educational background. All costs are in Pakistani Rupees.

  • Bridging Courses: For candidates with 14 years of education

Per Credit Hour = 5000
Approx = 30 to 60 Credit Hour

  •  Deficiency Courses: For candidates with non-major background

Per Credit Hour = 5000
Courses: As determined by admission committee